Entrepreneur Spotlight

Kevin Benoit; Founder of Parle' MagazineKevin Benoit is a 32 year old entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York. He started Parle' Magazine at 17 years old, as a freshmen in college (2004). After six years in print, the magazine went online for good in 2010. MEANING OF PARLE': Parle' means to speak in French, not to [...]

Shantoyia Thompson

Loving Herself To Good Health You wanna know something amazing? Most of those I've featured thus far, come from the same supportive community. I get referrals and I also see how supportive they are to each other's journey. That's how I came across Shantoyia's account. I enjoy reading about her inspiring journey. I love that [...]

A Story of Strength

The Beauty of Transformation Patti Palacios is truly a story of strength. Both feet on the ground, refusing to look behind. She is most definitely a representation of what I had in mind when I thought of creating Sincerely Jane XOXO. I wanted each story to be like a message of encouragement to whomever may [...]